Senior Obligations
One of our goals as an educational entity is to prepare our students for the rigors of post-secondary life which includes college and career. We all know that navigating the real world well requires discipline, effort, flexibility and an adherence to professional and social norms. For our seniors, this new life is right around the corner. Therefore, our expectations of them are much higher as they have been learning these skills for four years. Our senior obligations is one such learning tool that we use to help our students practice the skills they need to succeed in our competitive world.

We are committed to providing the Senior Class with all the tools they will need to achieve success in their postsecondary endeavors. The following list has been compiled to inform Seniors of the important obligations that must be fulfilled before they can participate in all Senior Activities (such as Prom, Luncheon, and Ceremony).

**NOTE - THAT NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN IF ANY STUDENT FAILS TO HONOR THEIR SENIOR OBLIGATIONS. (Example: Failure to meet any of these obligations once a ticket is purchased does not entitle you to a refund).

By paying your student fees, you are agreeing to meet all the requirements that are stated and required by CPS and Wells Community Academy High School. 

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Wells Community Academy High School requests the commitment of students and parents to following guidelines to achieve academic success. Seniors must meet the following requirements for participation privileges.

Illinois Course Requirements 24 Credits Chicago Requirements
(Required: English I-IV)
  • Constitution Exam: Pass the Public Law 195
  • Driver’s Education: Pass a 30-hour course
  • Consumer Education: Complete a qualifying course
  • College Readiness Testing: Participate in the PSAT & SAT
  • Service Learning: Complete at least 40 hours
* PE / ROTC must be taken each year unless an authorized exception is on file.
(Required: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry)
Social Science
(Required: World Studies, U.S. History & Civics)
(Required: Biology + 2 Additional Lab Science Courses)
World Language
(Required: Same Language Course I & II)
Fine Arts
(Required: 2 Courses in Music, Drama or Art)
(Required: Health & Driver’s Education)
Career Education
Electives Courses
(Required: Computer Science + 2 Other Courses)
Ceremony & Luncheon Eligibility Wells Graduation Requirements
  • Meet All Graduation Requirements
    Illinois / Chicago / Wells
  • 94% YTD Attendance
  • Fees Paid in Full
  • Maintain Medical Compliance
  • Lunch Form Submitted by October 1st
  • Credits failed prior to Senior year must be recovered by the end of the 1st semester. Only credits failed 1st semester can be recovered during 2nd semester.
  • Meet behavioral and restorative expectations
    Violations may result in a behavior contract that may impact eligibility for Senior Ceremony, Luncheon & Prom
  • Complete a Counselor Conference prior to Winter Break.
  • Complete of FAFSA and 5 College Applications.
  • Complete Senior Exit Questionnaire & Postsecondary Plan.
All Illinois, Chicago and Wells Graduation Requirements must be completed by June 1st of the graduation year.
Senior Prom Eligibility
Above Ceremony & Luncheon Eligibility, plus the following requirements:
  • No Fighting
  • No Out of School Suspension
  • No Unrecovered Course Failures

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Notice: A free graduation ticket will be given to the parent/guardian when they attend senior parent events (see school calendar)